The GIA was established in the year 1931 by Robert Shipley, who spent years learning all there was to know about diamonds and precious stones and sought out to restore the public’s faith in the jewelry trade.  He trained many people who would then become certified jewelers, all able to GIA certified diamondsprovide the best and most precise knowledge in the industry.

The Gemological Institute of America is probably most acknowledged and respected for its establishment of the “4Cs,” which is the international system for grading diamonds.  Jewelers use this system throughout the world; Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat Weight become the standards for evaluating the quality and worth of a diamond.

Alex & Co. has always relied on this grading system and we guarantee that each diamond we cut, customize and sell is of the highest standard.  We understand the importance that a piece of jewelry can mean to you, especially when it is an engagement ring, wedding band, or another piece of great sentimental significance.  Whether you are a Newton, MA native or you are located somewhere else in the Greater Boston area, we promise that it will be worth the trip to our store.  Stop in today and see some of our custom design jewelery and ask us any questions you may have.