Fashion trends for clothes come and go.  What is “in style” this year versus last can be much different, but that is part of what makes buying something for yourself so fun.  In some cases, a large, chunky necklace or an oversize ring can be the perfect addition to your outfit.  However, there are other times when something classic and simple is just the right touch, and that is where Alex & Co. comes in.

While certain things may fade out of popularity and value, what we carry does not.  When you are looking for beautiful jewelry that is of the best quality and character, we are where many clients throughout Boston will come to visit.  A beautiful pair of diamond stud earrings, for example, can add just the right touch to a gorgeous gown or even be the perfect pop to a more casual outfit.  Jewelry such as this is what remains timeless over the years and something you will always treasure. Stop into our store today and meet our premier jeweler and staff, promising the best service and suggestions so that you may find exactly what you want.