The first day of Autumn is tomorrow, and that means that along with a change in the weather will come a change in fashion trends and what’s “in” for the fall.  Some people take their style very seriously whether it be clothing or jewelry.  In this case, Alex & Co. looks forward specifically to the fall trends for the latter; we love to not only see what people are wearing but also selling or designing custom necklaces, bracelets, rings and more.

So, what might you see a lot of this fall?  Unique trinkets on necklaces make a bold statement, geometric shape-inspired pieces give a fun touch, and black, purple and earthy tones seem to be the colors of choice.  For our jewelry store, however, we always tend to find classic shapes and designs to be the best.  Our diamonds are our most prized items, whether you are in search of an engagement ring or another unique piece for yourself or as a gift.  We have many other fabulous collections as well for when you are looking for something that is a little bit different; for the fall we think that some of our natural colored diamonds or other stones such as rubies, topaz, citrine or tourmaline make for a beautiful autumn colors and pieces that will stand out perfectly.

We are a short trip from Boston, so stop in while our jeweler and staff work with you to help choose or design something that is just right for you.  Maybe you will even become the one making the new jewelry trend!