Proper care for your jewelry is crucial for maintaining its integrity and beauty. Alex & Co. understands the importance of assisting each client not only with creating the perfect piece, but also in the care.

Remove your jewelry during certain activities and situations. Whether you are involved in tough, dirt-filled manual labor, rough hands-on work, contact sports or going to the gym, Alex suggests leaving your prized possessions in a safe and secure place rather than take the chance of damaging or losing them.

Keep your fine jewelry protected in a fabric or cloth-lined box or drawer. Tossing those delicate earrings or rings onto a rough surface that is jumbled with other items can lead to unwanted tangles, scratches or scuffs.

Make sure all gemstone settings and clasps are secure and in the best shape possible; loose settings or closures could lead to the loss of a gemstone or the entire piece of jewelry altogether. Make sure to bring your jewelry in to have your prongs checked and jewelry cleaned regularly.

Clean your jewelry gently. You can occasionally allow them to soak overnight in an appropriate cleaning solution, while only using a soft brush to polish and shine. Be sure to never use aggressive and damaging solutions such as chlorine and always avoid scrubbing with a brush made of rough and tougher material. Avoid harsh chemicals on porous and vulnerable stones.

We know the sentimental value and significance that your jewelry can mean to you; taking your jewelry off for certain tasks and simply being mindful really can make a world of difference.

Feel free to consult with Alex & Co. with any questions you might have.