Picking out or designing a piece of jewelry such as an engagement ring or another sentimental gift may leave you feeling some pressure and asking some questions. Fine diamond jewelry is an investment and you want to be sure that you are getting something that is of high quality and worth. Something such as a diamond’s cut or color may be self-explanatory, but what about other characteristics? For example, if there are little or no blemishes, inclusions or scuffs on a diamond, the diamond is going to be of a higher clarity, and this is a term that people may be less familiar with. It is important to understand each and every quality of a diamond and to visit a well-established jeweler when you are on the search or looking to create something beautiful and unique. Alex & Co. encourages you to consider visiting us at our Newton, MA store, which is just a quick trip from Boston, so that we can assist you in finding that perfect diamond or designing the exact piece of jewelry that you’ve always imagined.