While the snow still maintains its grip over our surroundings, the good news is that March is finally here and this means that spring is right around the corner.  With the change in season also comes a shift in what to look forward to; the sunny, warmer days present many more opportunities to enjoy special moments and events outdoors.

Switching to brighter colors and trying out new, fun styles are common ways that we make a cheerful transition into the new season.  So, why not consider finally getting those sapphire stud earrings or that custom diamond necklace you’ve been dreaming of?  Timeless pieces like these are perfect to pair with any style, and we are certain that you will find a great excuse to wear them for various occasions this spring season and beyond.

Stop in and view our custom jewelry collections today or speak with our experts and set up an appointment to begin designing your own beautiful piece!  And gentleman, if you’re looking to finally get down on one knee this spring, remember that we proudly create some of the most exquisite engagement rings in all of Boston.