Vintage jewelry never goes out of style. Its unique beauty transcends time and adds class to your wardrobe. Originating from the Georgian period, vintage jewelry is characterized by symbols of wealth such as jewel-encrusted bows.

Match Colors
While vintage jewelry is a bold statement in itself, mixing metals may be a bit excessive. We advise any fashionista to put on platinum with platinum or stick to yellow gold with yellow gold. Basically, mix and matching vintage jewelry is a big no-no.

Opt for a Classic
Opt for a timeless vintage piece of quality craftsmanship. Sometimes it’s best to toss out the cheap jewelry and go with a sophisticated set of diamond stud earrings from Alex & Co. or a string of genuine pearls.

Can’t Go Wrong with Teardrop Earrings
Teardrop earrings are as simple as they are elegant. Though heavy, these earrings are perfect for a casual occasion. These look adorable with ethnic wear such as kurtas or a modest black dress.

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