Ready to tie the knot? You’ve got the gown, shoes, music and food but can’t quite figure out how to accessorize. This is one of the major dilemmas brides face right before their big day. Before you panic, take a look at some of the tips below.

Match Metals

If you’ve chosen a pure white dress, select accents in silver or platinum or try a pearl. Avoid wearing gold jewelry as it tends to clash with bright hues. A diamond white gown is ideal with yellow gold, rose gold, silver or pearl accents. For a dress that is already embellished with beadwork, let that determine the color of your accessories.

Less is More

For a simple gown, try a bold necklace from Alex & Co. If you’re sporting an updo, add some dramatic flair with chandelier danglers. Lastly, never wear designs that mimic embellishments on your dress.

Get Custom Made Jewelry

When you’re having trouble selecting the perfect accessories, consider having Alex & Co. provide you with custom designed jewelry. This is a great option if you have family heirlooms or have inherited jewelry. The craftsman at Alex & Co. can easily build upon existing pieces or jewelry and incorporate a variety of trinkets into your final piece.

When In Doubt, Wear Pearls

Pearls are a traditional choice, which makes sense considering they match everything. Pearls enhance any complexion and match with any bridal dress. Even with an off-white dress you can still go with cream-colored pearls and still manage an elegant appeal.

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