Platinum vs Gold

The two most widely used metals for engagement and wedding rings are platinum and gold.

Platinum comes out of the mine naturally white. When used for jewelry making 90-95% is pure platinum. Because of its purity, this is a hypoallergenic material so most everyone can wear it. Platinum is a very dense and durable metal so it’s ideal for creating diamond jewelry. Due to the high density of platinum, more of the material is required than gold. Because of the characteristics of the metal  it’s more time consuming and challenging to craft, therefore, more expensive than gold for all of the above reasons.

Because of the cost of platinum, white gold was created to mimic the color of platinum. While gold is measured in karats, 24 karat is 100% pure gold which is too soft to craft jewelry. As an example  18k white gold and 18k yellow gold contain 75% pure gold.  Using various alloys achieves different colors of gold, from white to yellow to pink.  You’ll find some people with an allergy to white gold and very often they’re having a reaction to the nickel in the alloy. The various alloys added to the gold is what gives the material its strength and the variety of colors. Gold is still very much a precious metal, however, platinum is the most “royal” of all.