While it’s important to store all jewelry in a safe place to avoid theft and keep it in tip-top condition,  diamond rings should receive extra attention. Your jewelry is a big investment and connected to fond memories, so put some care into the way you store it.

Some people believe that diamonds are indestructible but under the right conditions, they can be chipped or scratched.

Jewelry should be kept in a clean, dry place such as a jewelry box. These boxes should be hard on the outside (wood or metal) and soft on the inside, lined with velvet or felt. Most jewelry boxes are made with specifically designed compartments for assorted jewelry. Give each piece of jewelry its own space. Metal can scratch and scuff other metal. Gemstones can scratch each other too.

Try to remember to put your jewelry in the same secure location (i.e. not on a ledge near the garbage disposal). If you don’t have a jewelry box, after you’ve purchased a new piece of jewelry you’ll be given a box or pouch. These boxes were designed to protect your new little lovely!

When storing necklaces, pendants or bracelets make sure to clasp them.  If your space allows, it’s best to hang these pieces for easy access, to prevent kinks in chains and unforgivable tangles. It also can look really pretty! There are many creative variations to storing jewelry, framed corkboards, drawer organizers, jewelry trees, etc. The most important thing to come away with is give your jewelry space, care and respect and it will last more than a lifetime.