Natural color diamonds are rare and renowned for their beauty, encompassing a wonderful palate of color including the faintest shade of pastel pinks, cognacs, yellows, greens, blues, oranges and even reds.

The one thing that matters in the fancy color market is the intensity of their color and their hue, all of which help determine their value. The cut brings out the stones color which matters most.

There are lab treatments performed on diamonds-taking an inexpensive brown-color diamonds and treating them with high pressure and high temperature to change their color to mimic natural fancy diamonds. These are much less expensive than natural fancy colors. The saturation of color in most treated diamonds is so strong it almost looks artificial.

When shopping for fancy color diamonds, it’s crucial that you buy from a reputable dealer and verify that you’re interested in “Natural” Fancy Color Diamonds.

The mosaic of color and play of light make these diamonds exude warmth and sophistication not offered by any other gemstone. These diamonds represent the pinnacle of personal expression and individuality.