Statement jewelry is any piece of jewelry that is attention-grabbing and enhances your outfit. The best part about statement jewelry is that you only need one piece to make your entire outfit steal the show. All you need is one eye-catching piece to strike the right balance!

1. Incorporate Less Jewelry

Don’t overcrowd your outfit by wearing several bold pieces of jewelry together. Consider wearing a long necklace and cocktail ring or drop earrings to complement a cuff bracelet. Try to stay with the same metal type and the same feeling to avoid mixing patterns.

2. Stay Simple

When choosing to wear larger accessories, make sure to wear simple clothing. A black dress matches perfectly with one or two statement pieces, jeans and a solid colored shirt. Stick with neutral tones and avoid busy patterns. 3. Frame your Face

Statement earrings are often the first accessory people will notice on you. That said, make sure to choose earrings that will enhance your features and frame your face. Take into account length, color, shape and outfit coordination. For drop earrings, if you can put your hair behind your ears or pull back your hair to maintain balance and of course to show off your beautiful earrings!

4. Match your Neck with your Neckline

Strapless, off-the-shoulder, scooped neck and V-necked dresses are perfect to wear with statement necklaces. A form fitting, solid colored turtle-neck sweater works wonders with statement necklaces. 5. Match Nail Polish with your Ring

Bold rings will surely draw attention to your hands, so make sure that your nails are meticulously groomed. Steer clear of colorful rings if you’re going for multi-colored manicures or glitter nail polish. Contact Alex & Co. at

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