You’ll need to provide a description of the ring — its cut, carat weight, and metal — as appraised by a certified independent jeweler. Submitting a close-up photo of your ring is also a good idea. Extra precautions, such as laser inscription and home security systems, may qualify you for discounts.

a photo of a clean ring.


To keep your ring sparkling, clean it often to remove lotions, skin oil, and everyday dirt, which cloud it. You can soak the ring in warm water and mild dishwashing liquid, and scrub with a soft toothbrush. Or soak your diamond ring in equal parts ammonia and cold water for half an hour, and let it air dry. (Note: use this method with diamonds only; ammonia can damage other stones.) Any brand-name jewelry cleaner is another good option.



Ring maintenance should also include twice-yearly visits to your jeweler, who can check the integrity of the prongs on your setting. (Bonus: You can have it professionally cleaned then also.) A loose setting can lead to a dislodged diamond — so if you want to avoid a frantic search on all fours, consider seeing your jeweler as often as you see your dentist.



It’s also smart to take your ring off when doing anything requiring lots of work with your hands — or involving water (such as dishwashing or swimming), since it can make your fingers shrink. Just remember to put the ring in a secure location (i.e., not on a ledge near the garbage disposal), whether in a kitchen drawer or a jewelry box. If you often take off your ring at home, consider an immobile safe or an unusual but memorable hiding spot. If you need to stash it when you’re on vacation, store it in the hotel safe.

A photo of Sofia helping a customer select a ring.


  1. You’ll listen intently anytime she talks about jewelry.
    Once you’ve made the decision to propose, conversations about jewelry will become instantly interesting. I’m talking about any hint you can get — from whether she likes the vintage style of her friend’s engagement ring to what she may or may not have so subtly pinned to her inspiration board. If you don’t have enough info, but you’ve both talked about marriage (which hopefully you have), you might even want to take a day to browse rings together. It doesn’t mean you should walk into the nearest jewelry store, pick one out, swipe the credit card, and propose right there. And although it may sound a little unromantic, it’ll definitely help ensure you end up giving her something she really likes. 


  1. You’ll want to talk to other guys who’ve gone through it before.
    This is just too big of a purchase not to get an opinion on. And even if you are a private person, ring shopping is the time to open your inner circle and invite in someone with experience. Ask previously engaged friends for great jeweler recommendations. You might even want to take that friend with you on your first ring shopping trip to help offer support and back up your opinions.


  1. You’ll also feel the need to consult her friends.
    Sure we get gift-giving right from time to time, but for the most part, we rarely hit a home run. Now is the time to knock it out of the park. To be sure you score major points, confide in someone close to your partner to see if they can gather some feelers as to what she’s been thinking about, or if there was something she saw in a magazine that really caught her eye. You can also bring them with you to make the purchase, as a second opinion. Your girlfriend’s girlfriends will probably love nothing more than to come with you, do research for you or even help you plan the proposal. They are your best allies in this venture, hands-down. Just don’t tell too many people. (The more who know, the more likely it is that someone will accidentally let it slip.)


  1. You might not want to buy her exactly what she wants.
    When guys shop for their ladies, they tend to think it’s only the effort that counts. Not true. This is not a present where only credit counts. This is the time when you ditch your tastes or favorite stores, and think, “What would she really like?” You may love gold but she prefers platinum. You may like one cut, but she prefers another. It may be your wallet but remember it’s her ring. You don’t have to wear it for the rest of your life, she does. So always, always, always (did I say “always” enough times?) think about what she would buy, not what you like.

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