Jewelry will pull together any outfit and finish your look.

Here is our list of the 6 essential pieces of jewelry every girl needs.

A photo of girl wearing a necklace

Stud earrings

Diamond studs have been worn as a classic staple for ages. No woman should be without a pair of these little beauties. This is a must for a classic, timeless and elegant look. The diamond stud is the most versatile and is ideal for any occasion. Whether it’s a pearl, gold or diamond stud earring this style lends itself to a very polished look.

Diamond Hoops

A diamond hoop will take you from boardroom to ballroom. This earring is a very stylish alternative than its cousin, the stud. The hoop is a bit more of a “show-off” as it’s a more substantial earring than the stud.   

Statement Earrings

No girl should be left out in the cold without a pair of statement earrings. This is the quickest way to rev up any outfit. Funky with a T shirt or down the red carpet, a statement earring in diamond or in a fabulous splash of color is a guaranteed home run!

Strand of Pearls

Today a cultured pearl necklace is the foundation for every girl’s wardrobe. This never out of style necklace can take a woman through every moment of her life. Fashionable and feminine, cultured pearls are a timeless classic. They work with most any outfit-put it with your LBD and think Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

A photo of girl wearing a ring


Right Hand Ring

Your left hand may be on reserve for your engagement ring and wedding band but your right hand is ready for a party! Whether it’s an attention-grabbing cocktail ring, a set of stack rings or a ring with great colored stones – the choice is yours. Pick a good one and make it a signature.

A Bracelet or Cuff

A fashionable bracelet will elevate your look and put a finish to any outfit. Put a spin on a T-shirt and wear a bracelet or cuff for “cool-girl” style or add lady-like polish and wear it with a dress.