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Our Story

Alex & Co. enjoys a long and full history rooted in fine European jewelry design and a passion for creating unrivaled custom jewelry.

In 1980, the Zamsky family immigrated to Boston and set down new roots. In pursuit of an opportunity to show his skills, Alex rode the elevator at the Jeweler’s building in downtown Boston for days and was offered his first position as a jeweler at age 18.

During his limited free time, Alex was inspired to perfect his techniques and began creating designs that eventually became the first Alex & Co. classic collection.

In 1982, Alex opened his first business, Design Jewelry, Inc., and worked as an independent in-house designer for Robert Eyges Jewelers of Chestnut Hill, MA. This position allowed him to work very closely with his customers, and was eventually joined by his wife Sofia, father Boris, and other bench jewelers as his independent company grew.

After nearly a decade with Robert Eyges Jewelers, Alex’s reputation had significantly grown as a talented jewelry designer, whose style was seen as unique and extremely versatile.

A Passion for Entrepreneurship

As Design Jewelry, Inc. grew, Alex chose to move his company to a dedicated location in 1992 and opened a modest jewelry showroom in historic Piccadilly Square under the name of Alex & Co. There he blended antique and modern jewelry styling into unique designs that are the result of classic European training and modern Western influence.

At the time, a designer owned and operated jewelry store was unheard of and the Alex & Co. brand was like no other. Word of his exceptional design talent and creativity spread throughout the community. He and his family have been sharing their passion for beautiful custom jewelry ever since.

Alex and his father Boris worked side by side a very special period of time to help establish the brand. During his time with the company, Boris conceived many inspirational jewelry designs and instilled the family values into the business. His impact is still evident in Alex’s classic jewelry pieces and the experience.

Sofia has an incredible eye for detail and a refined taste for classic European and American jewelry styles. She often helps Alex infuse his original designs with recent fashion trends and personalization.

From Modest to Magnificent

In 2002, Alex & Co. outgrew their modest showroom location and moved to the current location which offered double the floor space and a new cutting edge jewelry manufacturing studio located directly behind the showroom.

With this new studio, Alex could remain close to the showroom and interact with the customers when designing their jewelry. He believes that not all jewelry is created equal and that each customer deserves to be a part of the creative process, and this new closeness allowed just that.

A Growing Team of Talented Jewelers

The joy of creating custom jewelry eventually spread to Alex’s son, Daniel.

Daniel was involved in the family business from a very young age, and he was inspired by his parents’ shared passion for fine jewelry. After graduating from Suffolk University, Daniel then earned his diploma as a graduate Gemologist from the internationally recognized Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and is an Accredited Jewelry Professional.

He was formally trained as an apprentice under his father, and learned the standards in jewelry design and manufacturing. Daniel’s love for fine jewelry and passion for excellent customer service has only grown over the years and is evident in his professional knowledge and fascination with exceptional gemstones.

The team continues to grow with Alex’s younger son, Andrew, who shows the same appreciation for fine jewelry and enthusiasm for customer service. With his industrial engineering education and business acumen, he has assisted the company’s growth in the manufacturing process and retail showroom.

Alex & Co. also offers a growing team of highly-trained bench jewelers and professional jewelry consultants that exhibit the same passion and love for fine jewelry as the members of the Zamsky family.