At Alex and Company, our true passion is creating an experience that is just as incredible as the handcrafted fine custom jewelry that we create.

Our business is founded on creating fine custom jewelry that reflects your personality and is designed to be cherished for a lifetime. When a customer comes into our showroom, it is our mission to make sure that they feel that their needs and the significance of their special moments are understood right away.

Fine jewelry represents a special stage of your life and is always a story in the making, which is why the artisan jewelers at Alex and Company work hard to develop a special connection with each of our customers. Your milestones and moments are what matter to us, and we have a special gift for translating those moments into the perfect piece of fine jewelry to reflect your individual adventure.

The Customer + Designer Experience

Each of our custom designed jewelry pieces is created through a unique connection between the customer and designer.
From the moment you set foot in our showroom, our in-house designers works closely with you to craft an ideal custom jewelry piece. Your ideas directly influence the composition, and our talented jewelry designers can create a design based on your memory, dreams, a photo or an existing heirloom piece.

A sketch of your design idea is drafted right in the showroom, so you’ll never be surprised by an unwanted caveat in the custom piece.

Unlike other jewelry designers and manufacturers, Alex has a unique connection with each customer and is able to customize pieces to speak directly to the customer’s needs and desires. Our exclusive Alex and Company designer line is also influenced by the ideas and needs of our customers.

No idea is too large or small, and your details will never get lost in translation. Our designs are personal, and the resulting jewelry is nothing short of spectacular.

concept to creation

From Concept to Craftsmanship

At Alex and Company, the creative process is only part of the equation when it comes to creating a piece of outstanding custom jewelry to reflect your life. The other half of the process is the technical know-how and craftsmanship that goes into each piece, and the professionals at Alex and Company in Newton, MA come through in each regard.


Our in-house designer, Alex Zamsky, has over three decades of hands-on jewelry design experience and is also the founder of Alex and Company Fine Jewelry. He trained at St. Petersburg School of Design in classic European Jewelry Making.


We believe that jewelry making is an art form of the highest caliber, and treat it accordingly. Each piece of jewelry in our showroom is either handcrafted by our in-house master jeweler or must pass our craftsmanship standards and quality inspection.

Expert Diamond Buyers

An in-house GIA Accredited Gemologist, years of buying experience, and extensive resources worldwide allows us to source only the highest quality diamonds and rare gemstones for our designs.

Precious Metals

We utilize only the purest, quality precious metals in custom jewelry making and personalization of existing pieces. Choose from white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum.

Exclusive Collection

Our exclusive Alex and Company Collection is expertly handcrafted by our in-house Master Jeweler, Alex Zamsky and his expanding team of bench jewelers. Each piece is unique and makes use of our high quality equipment and design sense to provide exceptional value while also offering premium quality.

Alex & Company Choice Collection

While we offer our own signature jewelry collection that has been refined and perfected by our in-house designer, we also offer a unique selection of jewelry pieces that is hand selected for maximum quality and value.

This Alex and Company Choice Collection is a hand selected collection of quality manufactured jewelry that meets our strict quality and design requirements.

Fine Custom Jewelry for Every Occasion
Exclusively Designed and Handcrafted by Alex & Co.