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The Importance of Jewelry Appraisals

If you’ve ever wondered why jewelry appraisals have to be up-to-date here are some reasons to ponder.

By far, the most important reason is your piece of mind and protection of your valuables. Over the years the value of your jewelry […]

June 27th, 2016|Jewelry care|

Cleaning Your Jewelry

Investing in diamond jewelry can feel like an intimidating process but once the purchase has been made, it’s time to show-off! People rarely clean their diamonds out of fear of harming or damaging them.

To keep your pieces clean and intact […]

August 27th, 2015|Jewelry care|

Proper Jewelry Care

Proper care for your jewelry is crucial for maintaining its integrity and beauty. Alex & Co. understands the importance of assisting each client not only with creating the perfect piece, but also in the care.

Remove your jewelry during certain activities […]

November 5th, 2014|Jewelry care|