Custom Made Pendant to
match an existing ring

Sometimes the standard jewelry collection just doesn’t say the right thing or express the right feelings. That’s where a custom designed jewelry piece from Alex and Company comes in.

Your Inspiration and Our Workmanship

At Alex and Company, we genuinely believe that each piece of jewelry should be as special as the person wearing it. That’s why creating spectacular pieces of custom jewelry to reflect your unique style and personality is our passion, but the inspiration begins with you.

Our custom jewelry designing abilities are extremely versatile and we work directly with you to make your vision a reality. Our master jeweler has a unique gift for understanding what you’re trying to express and handcrafts a custom piece of jewelry to reflect that feeling and individuality.

Whether you know exactly what you want, have a hand-drawn sketch or just a vague idea, our knowledgeable staff will help make sure your new custom piece is perfect. Our reward is watching your eyes light up and the excitement on your face when the completed piece of custom jewelry is unveiled.

100% Customizable to Your Specifications

Our custom jewelry design capabilities are nearly endless and are completely tailored to your unique needs.

This means that we can create any combination of style, precious metal and gemstone that you desire and design it to your exact specifications.

Pick and choose from our available materials to create the perfect piece of custom jewelry for your loved one today!

Our available precious metal options include:

  • Yellow Gold
  • White Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Platinum
  • Palladium

Our master jeweler is able to work with any gemstone available, including diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

At Alex and Company, we love to create the most beautiful custom jewelry in Boston that reflects your personality and will be worn and cherished for generations.

Fine Custom Jewelry for Every Occasion
Exclusively Designed and Handcrafted by Alex & Co.