Diamonds are without equal in the world of fine jewelry, but natural color diamonds are exceptionally special. Since diamonds are a totally natural occurrence, sometimes the environment creates an exotic natural hue that can rival other natural gemstones.

Natural fancy color diamonds are available in blue, brown, pink, orange, purple, red, deep yellow or green tints that range from very faint to an intense vivid color. Like white diamonds, their value is dependent on the purity of the color in comparison with the rest of the 4Cs of diamond quality.

Like colorless diamonds, a natural color diamond is subject to a set of four standard quality scales that determine its purity and value. However, because natural color diamonds are so different in appearance they have their own grading scales to determine value in the area of color. Because of their organic state, color diamonds are available in every single price range because they exist in just about every color and size imaginable.

We only work with completely natural fancy color diamonds, you’ll never see a synthetic stone in our Newton jewelry showroom.

At Alex and Company, our knowledgeable staff and in-house gemologist will guide you through the exciting process of shopping for one of the world’s most highly prized and rare naturally occurring gemstones. We will show you your preferred color in various shades so that you can truly appreciate it’s incomparable beauty.

Our designer will then work directly with you to create custom handcrafted jewelry using your chosen natural diamond that appeals to your individual style and budget.

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