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When you request a custom piece of fine jewelry from Alex and Company, you’re making an investment in quality and a cherished memory. But, do you know how your jewelry is created?

First, it begins as an idea or a dream. Through hands-on collaboration with the customer, our master jewelry designer draws up a sketch of the piece.

Then the design is carefully hand carved from sterling silver to highlight all of the delicate details. Once the silver sculpture has been designed to your specifications, a rubber mold is made.

The rubber mold is then injected with wax to create a replica of the proposed piece. This wax model is created to size and allows space for stone setting and engravings.

When the wax model is ready, it is encased in a fine cement investment and baked in an oven to melt out the wax, leaving a perfect model of the design in a hollow cavity.

The cavity is then filled with your desired precious metal to produce a rough piece.

This rough piece, or pieces, is then polished and prepared for assembly into the complete piece of fine jewelry based on your design.

After polishing, the pieces are soldered together and polished once more.

Now the piece is ready for stones! The diamonds or gemstones are set into place and are reviewed carefully under a microscope to ensure a reliable fit and setting integrity.

The custom jewelry piece receives one last polish, buff, and review before being presented to the customer.

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