Pearl Restringing

A beautiful string of pearls is an essential component to any woman’s wardrobe, and as such their timeless charm should be preserved.

Most fine pearls are strung on a delicate silk thread, which can sometimes be worn thin by continuous wear. To avoid the accidental breakage of this thread and loss of your precious pearls, we do recommend that you restring them once a year if worn on a regular basis.

Restringing pearls is relatively simple with our available pearl stringing service. Our skilled pearl stringer is able to restring pearls and any precious or semi-precious gemstone beads on a new silk thread. The professional jewelers at Alex and Company also offer stone or gemstone bead stringing on metal wire.

Each string of pearls is thoroughly cleaned before being restrung, resulting in a glowing pearl necklace that is stunning and ready for that little black dress.

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