When it comes to a ring I’ll be wearing forever, I am FUSSY. I pitied any jeweler who might end up working with me and my fiance on my engagement ring. But Alex is a master craftsman and a sweet and patient guy.

I was very particular about what I wanted (a replica of a 1920s ring I’d seen online), and shopped around at several local and reputable jewelers to see who might be up for the project. A few said it wasn’t something they’d take on, and the only other who considered doing it wanted to charge me a lot more and change too many elements.

Thankfully my cousin recommended Alex. When we looked through his cases and realized he had made most of the pieces contained within, with all their incredibly detailed work, we knew he was a different kind of jeweler. In planning the ring, he was thoughtful and analytical about all aspects of the design, shape, proportion, about many details we’d never have considered ourselves. He somehow procured a center stone in exactly the right shape, size, and color (a Padparadscha sapphire–rare and difficult to find), and proceeded to make a stunning, intricate ring.

The whole process left me wondering if maybe I should be marrying Alex, but I think he might be married already, so I’ll settle for my own awesome husband and hopefully a future full of jewels by Alex.

Alex F.