Shopping for any kind of Jewelry can be intimidating….this is the only place I’ve ever really felt comfortable.

When my husband and I were talking about getting engaged I went to a few places either with him or by myself and we always felt uncomfortable at the different stores. They all seemed very salesy, pushy, and if you couldn’t reasonably afford something, you felt out of place.

I was looking at a Boston Magazine article one day that had Alex & Co. listed as one of MetroWest’s best custom/repair jewelers. I went in the next day and Alex came out himself to show me what he does and how he makes every piece by hand right there in the shop. His approach was more instructional/educational than sales-oriented. I think he’s bought, sold, designed and repaired jewelry for maybe 30 plus years, so I know he knows what he’s talking about.

His staff is also very smart and if they don’t know an answer to something, they’ll immediately ask Alex instead of guessing or assuming. Alex has been in the store whenever I’ve gone there, so it’s reassuring to know he’s communicating/consulting with you as well as doing the work. My engagement ring, wedding ring, and a pair of earrings I have are all from here as well as my husbands wedding band. For the engagement ring, Alex helped my husband find a diamond he could afford and made the setting to present the diamond in the best possible way. My advice is avoid the sales sharks wearing suits at places like Longs and DeScenza. Alex is friendly, approachable, and remembers you when you come in. For big purchases like jewelry, you want to go to a place that cares as much about the look, quality and integrity of the piece as you do. Alex’s name is attached to everything he makes – a testament to his commitment to the quality of workmanship.

I highly recommend Alex… Even if you’re young and just starting to look for engagement rings or other nice jewelry gifts like we were.