I will say like I do in all reviews – that I am a pain in the a** to deal with. I needed a custom necklace made for a family member, and I was really getting sick of being pressured by the halhalash guys at downtown crossing. Plus, I like doing business in english and the downtown crossing guys don’t speak a word of it. . This is not a huge store; in fact they keep most of their designs a secret because they’re one time special orders. In any case, I was absolutely clueless as a consumer and buyer of jewelry, and was afraid of being ripe for the pickings to be ripped off by an unscrupulous dealer. The opposite happened. To be frank, Alex and Daniel spent quite a bit of time with me on this purchase at the expense of addressing other customers, because I had a lot of dumb questions. I walked out of there with a design that was 100% unique at the price I wanted. I won’t divulge pricing because it was custom.

Alex and Daniel basically stood next to me for over an hour patiently answering my extremely ignorant questions and explaining how the custom design jewerly process actually works, how to pick, what to pick, what are the actual price points – what you should spend money on, what you should NOT spend money on…etc…For me it was very important that the design was unique – that’s why I came to their store. I didn’t want to buy something at 300% markup from some guy at downtown crossing that everybody else had been wearing for years. It was also important that somebody actually answered all my questions instead of ‘guiding me’ to a buying decision. I smell high pressure sales like a shark, and there were NONE here whatsoever. It was almost as if I felt like I wanted to make a purchase because I was so impressed with the way they do business. As a small business owner myself I’m really envious of the way they handle each customer.

Ilya E.