Alex and Co. is an AMAZING jewelry store. My fiance and I spent MULTIPLE visits in his beautiful jewelry store to pick out an engagement ring. Alex and his staff were the most polite staff Erik and I had encountered during our search for the perfect ring. Alex spent hours with us describing every aspect of diamonds and made sure we understood completely before purchasing a ring. His jewelry is beautiful and Alex is very talented when it comes to jewelry- that is why my fiance chose to buy the ring from Alex (may I add we had visited multiple jewelry stores from chains to other local jewelers and Alex was the best). I receive compliments daily from strangers on the street about how gorgeous my ring is, multiple people have even told me it is the most beautiful ring they have ever seen (which it is! Thanks Alex!). I could rave on and on about the service, atmosphere of the store, and quality of my ring but it would take me hours. There is no question that my fiance and I will be purchasing our wedding bands from Alex & Co.

May I add, my family owns a local business in PA, and unfortunately there will always be disgruntled customers no matter how great the business. Even more unfortunately, it is those customers that will go out of their way to post negative comments on websites like this in order to try to give the business a negative reputation. I caution you to believe those comments as it does not take a rocket scientist to understand that you can’t make everyone who walks into a store happy, no matter how hard you try or how great you are. I do not believe Alex and Company would have been named “Best of Boston” by Boston Magazine and Improper Bostonian as well as “Readers Choice,” if he wasn’t a wonderful jeweler and very polite gentleman.

Thanks for everything, Alex & Co.!!

Kyra M.