We just purchased a stunning engagement ring from Alex – and the whole experience of designing the ring and selecting the main diamond was enjoyable and easy. I had tried on many rings at other stores, and found I kept on coming back to a particular ring at Tiffany. We showed Alex the ring we liked at Tiffany, and he incorporated many of the features of that ring, but added his own design flair to the band and the way it sits on the finger etc. Plus, we got to pick out which diamond would go in the center of the ring, as the ring was built from the ground up – not pre-made. We made multiple visits before deciding to purchase the ring, and Alex and the staff were helpful and patient each time. Customer service as to inscribing, providing the appraisal, and adding a ring “bridge” to make it tighter if I wanted were all done quickly at our request. I highly recommend Alex & Co. – the jewelry is beautiful.

Susan L.