Shopping for jewelry can be intimidating. Especially true for men!

When looking for the “Perfect” engagement ring for my beautiful bride, I was recommended to try Alex & Co. Having been to the discount places and those HUGE retail jewelers around Metro-West and leaving empty-handed and somewhat discouraged…nothing to lose by trying Alex, right?

First impression: Cozy in here. Store is immaculate, warm, well laid out and easy to view what I was interested in. So far, very nice.

Staff: Smiling. Warmly, genuinely smiling at me. Friendly and sincerely, the people behind the counter really want to help me find the Perfect ring. They aren’t just trying for my money. They are asking questions: Tell me about yourself; your bride to be; your lifestyle; your expectations…this is so comforting. These people are in touch with my emotion. They realize that I want a ring on my wife’s finger that I will be proud of, forever. Finally, a jeweler who cares to understand me.

Selection: It’s all the same to me. And they have plenty of it. Sparkles, sparkles, sparkles…some are ranked higher than others…colors, cuts and clarity…this designer, that designer…platinum vs gold…UGH! I am no jewelry expert and it’s overwhelming.

Something is different here. Oddly, we aren’t talking about prices. This is the first place who didn’t begin with, “What’s your budget?” We are looking at settings first. How did they know that I cared more about the setting than blowing my budget on a stone? Oh yeah, these people care about what I want to see on my wife’s left finger.

Style: Here’s the BEST part- Alex and his son, Danny (this is as true a family business as you could find) are literally allowing me to design exactly what I want! Seriously. They are allowing me to point out the features of certain rings in their cases while Alex takes a pencil and paper and actually sketches my dream ring into reality. Who does this? Alex and Co does.

A couple of hours later (yes, they gave me hours of their time, gladly) and with absolute confidence I have the Perfect ring, on paper. WOW! It’s so beautiful that I wish I could have it immediately…but have to wait a couple weeks for Alex to create it. How cool is that?! Something hasn’t been discussed yet…

The Stone: Now that I have a ring design truly worthy of the LOVE of my life, she needs a stone. I know that the “3 C’s” are very much standardized. All the other stores I had visited had me so trained and conditioned to find my spot in the ladder of Cut, Clarity and Carat weight that I need only to find the largest, cleanest, least infractioned gem to fit my budget. This I am prepared for. What I didn’t see coming is Alex’s recommendation. He says to keep the ring, “Balanced and the stone should fit into the setting without overwhelming it”. Whoa! He isn’t trying to sell me a flawless 3 Carat rock by showing my low grade, yellowish .95′s…this is something all-together different! As if it was all destined to be, Alex and Danny found the Perfect stone for the Perfect ring.

Price: The clincher. I don’t know how other men put a value on their Love. I believe that we (men) go out there shopping for rings hoping to find that diamond-in-the-rough which is the size of marble, with the brightness of the sun, for the price of a used car. We each want our bride to have the most glamour at the next social gathering. We want our future in-laws to be impressed by our adoration of their daughter…forever. We are somehow brainwashed into believing that providing her the biggest stone equates to having the biggest stones, ourselves. In the end, we simply do the best we can. I never felt pressured to go beyond my means at Alex’s. Feeling really good, really proud and really excited now!

Alex and Co completely upped my expectations, changed my view of jewelry shopping forever, and created for the Love of my life an engagement ring that gets more attention than I ever imagined possible. It fits her personality, it fit my budget and like our Love, it is one-of-a-kind and Perfect!

Alex, Sofie and Daniel Zamsky & Co. are a wonderful part of the story of my engagement and marriage. I am proud to be their customer, knowing how much they care for what they do. I enjoy telling the story. I am so proud of this ring!

Teddy S.