Diamonds are formed in the earth over millions of years. Intense heat and thousands of pounds of pressure cause carbon atoms to crystallise and, as such, diamonds are naturally created. As with any truly natural occurrence, the color of every diamond will inherently differ very slightly.

The naked, untrained eye typically has a hard time noticing the slight color variations, especially when it comes to high-quality diamonds with brilliant sparkle. There are, however, subtle differences in the natural color of diamonds that contribute to the value of each diamond.

The value of a diamond is influenced by how close it comes to being truly colorless. This is determined using a D-Z color-grading scale outlined by the GIA as the industry standard in diamond color grading. The exception of course being when there is a shade of color in the diamond that is yellow or brown, as that is not part of the D-Z diamond color grade. 

Our GIA Graduate Gemologist is highly experienced in assessing the natural color of diamonds and precisely pinpointing diamonds with the most brilliant color within each grade. This enables us to find you the most brilliant diamond and best value for your investment, within your price range. Visit our Newton location to view Boston’s most spectacular diamond collection and compare diamonds side-by-side.