Our Process

The art of creating beautiful jewelry has been our passion for over 35 years and custom designing has been the foundation on which Alex & Co. has been built. With the manufacturing advancements available to all, so many jewelry stores now throw around the term “custom design.” The term has become diluted in its definition because, in most cases, you are guided by a salesperson through a mix and match selection process, sometimes online, from a limited set of components. Then this salesperson’s recipe is contracted off-site, and sometimes out of the country, for factory assembly prior to its delivery to you 8 weeks later.

The custom design experience at Alex & Co. is without compromise when we draft your design, in-person, with our experienced jewelry designers rather than a simple salesperson. Our years of  manufacturing experience allow us to make recommendations that will accentuate the best qualities of a stone, provide the most comfortable and elegant fit, while maximizing the overall value of your custom piece. Alex & Co.’s custom designed fine jewelry is unique, of premium quality, and always crafted on-site no matter the budget.

Creating your vision requires several stages before the desired piece becomes a brilliant part of your life. At Alex & Co., we invite you to join in the process from the very beginning.

It starts with you.

The goal is to always inspire and create timeless treasures tailored to your individuality. Our custom designed jewelry begins with your idea or vision. First, our master jewelry designers collaborate with you to draw up a sketch of the piece, ensuring the details are perfect and reflect your wishes.

Shaping the moment.

With the sketch to work from, the design is then meticulously crafted into a sterling silver model to highlight the individual subtleties. Once the model meets our expectations, a mold is made and injected with wax to create a replica. The wax replica is then invested in a flask and baked in a kiln to melt out the wax, leaving a perfect impression of the model in a hollow cavity. The cavity is then filled with your desired precious metal to produce a rough cast which is refined, polished and prepared for assembly. All the parts are then soldered together and polished once more.

Putting it all together.

To bring it all together into an unforgettable finale, diamonds or gemstones are set into place using a microscope to ensure both a solid fit and setting integrity. The custom designed piece receives one final polish, buff, and inspection before it is ready for presentation to you. At Alex & Co., we have the technical know-how and expert craftsmanship to bring your vision to life.