Platinum vs White Gold: Which Metal Is Best For Your Ring?

It may seem impossible to choose between Platinum and white gold. You may have heard that the “best” metal is Platinum, but is that adequate to make it sell for a higher price? Read on to discover more about the Platinum vs. White Gold debate.

We’d like you to make a choice yourself! Various things make these two white metals different from each other. On the surface, they may seem identical, but they’re worlds apart.

Before you pick any piece of jewelry, here are the differences between Platinum and White Gold that you’ll want to know.

What is Platinum?

What is Platinum Platinum vs White Gold

Relatively heavy and malleable are some characteristics of the precious metal platinum. It’s among the costliest metals used in jewelry. Rings made of gold are less expensive than Platinum engagement rings by far. Also, Platinum does not tarnish and is resistant to corrosion.

What is White Gold?

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Platinum is more expensive than white gold. To give this alloy its white color and make it harder, it has made by mixing yellow gold and other metals. The Rhodium plating has used to cover most white gold, giving the typically yellowish metal its pure white appearance.

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Platinum vs. White gold

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Let’s now assess the differences between the two precious metals:

1) Composition

18K (75% pure gold) or 14K (58.3% pure gold) are the versions that white gold jewelry is mostly offered in. These metals are formed when the gold is mixed with other alloys, which creates a product stronger than pure gold (also known as 24 karat). A pure gold 24K diamond ring would be quite soft; that’s why it is rarely used in jewelry. So, the reason why gold is mixed with other alloys is to increase its hardness and add white coloring for white gold.

Platinum, by contrast, is naturally a heavier weight and stronger metal. Therefore the person wearing the jewelry piece should choose between going for a heavier platinum piece or a lighter white gold piece. Since Platinum is the densest precious metal you can purchase, you should it see if the heaviness is to your liking or if you don’t mind its weight.

2) Long Term Surface Maintenance

Many people wrongfully believe that Platinum and white gold metals will provide the same performance because they appear similar at the time of purchase. It is a common misconception.

White gold is an attractive metal, and we usually endorse it, but if you’re a smart customer, you need to understand some of its downsides as it matures. Remember that white gold jewelry isn’t made of only pure gold. During the production of white gold, white metals like palladium, nickel, and silver are mixed with 24K yellow gold. After the mixing of these metals is complete, the resulting white gold material is then “rhodium plated” to create a more brilliant and whiter look. It is the primary reason a white gold piece will look nearly identical to a platinum piece during purchase.

However, it is crucial to know that with time, the rhodium plating addition will wear away, and that’s when you’ll start to see the jewelry’s yellowing color. It means you will need to bring it to your jeweler to be rhodium plated again. It will set you back around $60-100 each time, depending on the size of the piece. The rate at which your ring wears down will be determined by how often you wear it or how active you are. When you decide to purchase white gold jewelry, you should be prepared to maintain it.

On the other hand, platinum ages differently. It is one of the purest precious metals you can purchase for jewelry because it is usually 90-95% pure Platinum. Platinum wears away differently than white gold over time. It won’t begin yellowing like white gold, but it’ll start to lose its outward brilliance and create a natural Platina (we will talk more about it shortly). Some people prefer this look because it will heighten the diamond engagement ring’s glossiness and make it look shinier. A jeweler can restore the original state of the platinum piece by polishing it, just like white gold after rhodium plating.

3) Lifespan and Permanence

It’s a fact that for a long time, Platinum has been labeled the most durable and best performing jewelry metal. Let’s talk more about this. Gold and platinum surfaces wear differently. When both materials rub against any surface, the white gold material will actually be removed nearly twice as fast as platinum. This will leave your white gold ring with a thinner and lighter band over time as opposed to platinum which is more durable due to its dense structure.

As a precious metal, Platinum’s long-lasting property is one of its most vital assets. Platinum prongs will keep precious stones in place firmly for a longer time. By contrast, white gold prongs wear more and need to be replaced over time. For this reason, platinum prongs are often used in rings made of white gold and other less durable metals to increase the security of the center stone.

A jewelry piece made of Platinum is capable of handling wear and tear better and can stay for lifetimes. If a platinum jewelry piece has passed down, it can effortlessly be reconditioned or resized and made to look new again.

4) Hypoallergenic Ability

As you decide which metals you want to purchase, consider the likelihood that they could trigger an allergic reaction or irritate your skin. Hypoallergenic metals will decrease the possibility of having an allergic reaction by minimizing the potentially irritating elements. Platinum is 90-95% pure, making it the only true hypoallergenic jewelry metal you can purchase. If your skin is sensitive, some of the metals included in the mixing of white gold may easily irritate it. It would be best to stick to platinum rings if you suspect or have any of these allergies.

5) Price

The cost of Platinum is considerably higher than that of White Gold. Historically, platinum is always more costly than white gold because it is mined much less and is 30 times more rare than gold. To be more exact, 80 tons of Platinum are mined every year compared to gold’s 2,700 tons.

Platinum is also heavier and more pure than gold. If the same ring is made of Platinum, it would weigh more. So, the same platinum ring would sell more expensively than the gold ring, as weight and purity usually determines the price of precious metals. Additionally working with Platinum is more time consuming and requires more skill. The melting point of platinum is twice as high as gold and platinum surfaces require more preparation between manufacturing steps.

Some of these issues play a significant role in the price differentiation between white gold and Platinum. To identify the perfect option for you, you must consider each precious metal’s overall advantages and cost.

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Platinum vs. White Gold – Is Platinum Superior?

No. Platinum isn’t superior to gold; it is costlier but almost similar to white gold. Platinum jewelry isn’t necessary, considering that both 18K and 14K are durable enough for daily wear. Also, Platinum scratches more quickly and needs more care during wear. White gold has a classic look and is a stunning metal mixture. White gold is more reasonable than Platinum and is a fantastic option for fine jewelry like engagement rings.


Although the metal you pick for your diamond engagement ring is mainly determined by style and personal preference, it is essential to look at the significant differences in price and composition. For instance, Platinum and White Gold appear the same to the naked eye, but Platinum is far more costly. In general, if your find yourself sacrificing the quality of your center stone in order to have a platinum setting, then strongly suggest you consider a setting in white gold instead.

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