Romantic Ways To Propose In 2020

Asking your better-half the big question is a moment of great significance in your life. You can make this momentous occasion remarkable by choosing one of the best romantic ways to propose.If you’re ready to take the plunge and it’s time to explore some creative and romantic ways to propose. And what better way to convey your intentions than with a brilliant ring? From Alex & company, you can buy it at a very reasonable price. With its timeless symbol of love and commitment, a ring can be the perfect companion in your quest for a memorable proposal.

Are you about to propose to your girlfriend? Finding the best proposal idea can be frustrating, especially if you have a few options to choose from. This is once in a lifetime moment, and you’d want it to be unique, thoughtful, romantic, and even entertaining. The truth is, the right proposal doesn’t have to be stressful, cost you an arm and a leg, or be complicated. In this article, we talk about unique, romantic, and 2020’s best proposal ideas.

Romantic Proposal Ideas

romantic ways to propose-romantic proposal ideas

1. Pop The Question With A Beautiful Ring

This is an excellent idea that should be kept simple.

2. Gift Her A Necklace With Her Initials

Show your thoughtfulness by gifting her a personalized gold mesh necklace with her initials. This elegant piece of jewelry complements her style and is a constant reminder of your love and affection.It might take some time for her to realize that they aren’t her initials. When she notices, produce the other gift (the necklace) and propose to her.

3. Display Memories

Decorate any of your chosen settings and place loads of memories in it. The goal is to create the best romantic environment for the proposal that highlights the love you two have for each other.

4. Take Them To A Place They Love

Ask her to think of a place she’d like to visit, take her and propose there. To make the experience even better, let her plan the trip.

5. Hike To The Top Of A Mountain

If you’re a hiking enthusiast, then this is a perfect idea for you. Think about proposing at the mountain top after experiencing the thrill of climbing all the way up. This is a simple and more affordable proposal idea. Proposing during the excitement of conquering a mountain as you take in the spectacular views is unmatched.

Private Marriage Proposal Ideas

1. Hotel Room

Have some cash that you will use at the proposal venue. Hire someone to decorate the hotel room with candles, flowers, and a bottle of Champagne and propose to her with a diamond engagement ring. You can even do the decoration yourself when she’s out shopping, working out, etc.
Book a table near the window (or on a balcony) with a breathtaking view to make the special date more romantic. As you enjoy your dinner, surprise her by asking the big question at the appropriate moment.

2. Private Dinner

Plan a private dinner at a location that overlooks a cliff or ocean. After your proposal, a waiter can take your order, and the two of you can continue to enjoy your candle-lit dinner as you savor the beautiful scenery.

3. Private Limo

Think about exciting places you can visit with your girlfriend in the city and then hire a private limo with a chauffeur to take you around. Get down to business at a pre-set location with a great view, and afterward, go back into the car and drink Champagne to celebrate.

4. Wine Inspired

For partners who love wine, there is no better proposal than one that involves making a custom labeled wine or popping the question at a winery.

5. Propose At The Rooftop

Rooftop proposals are some of the most common ways to propose the world over. Personalize the occasion so your partner understands that you value and understand them. Find a lovely engagement ring and ask the big question.

Inventive & Unique Proposal Ideas

romantic ways to propose-unique ideas

1. Unique Song

A professional songwriter helps you write a song for the occasion. As you propose, have him perform or play that song. Or better yet, write the song yourself to make it more meaningful.

2. Involve Friends and Family

You can plan for your family or friends to come in later after the proposal or get them to hold signs or take part in a dance routine. Before planning such a proposal, ensure you discuss with a partner to see if they prefer a proposal with many people involved.

3. Disney

Consider going with a Disney theme if your partner loves Disney or, better yet, propose at Disneyland.

4. Re-Create Your First Date (Or Best Date)

Do you remember your most memorable date or where you had your first date? Take her there and to spice things up, order the same food, and put on the same clothes you had on that date. When the date ends, let her know how special that memorable date was and tell them that this one is even more special as you withdraw the sparkling diamond ring.

5. Present Yourself In A Box

Look for a box the size of a refrigerator and cut the bottom out to enable you to stand inside and have yourself ‘delivered’ to her house. Hold the diamond engagement ring and when she pulls open the box door, tell her she’s not getting just the ring but also all of you.

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Public Proposal Ideas

romantic ways to propose-public ideas

1. Make A ‘Movie’ Of Greetings From Her Family

Tell her family and friends to record videos of themselves saying they love your girlfriend and have them send over the clips. Collect all the videos and let her watch the ‘movie.’ This compilation can act as your birthday gift to her. The movie’s last video should be of you asking to marry her, and that’s the point you get your ring and slip it into her finger. This way, her family is involved, but you enjoy the moment privately with her.

2. Take Her To A Wedding Venue For A ‘Party.’

Inform your partner that there’s a friend’s/work party that’s happening at a wedding venue near you. When you arrive there, she’ll be surprised that there’s no party but just you and the brilliant diamond engagement ring.

3. Workplace Proposal

If you met at work or love her work, the workplace can be the perfect place to propose. The following are some great ideas: If her workplace is in an office, fill her desk with flowers and lights; if she works with kids, you can arrange for them to help you surprise her, and if she’s a barista, you can place the ring in a tip jar.

4. Sunrise On The Beach

Begin the day with your favorite beverage, and convince her to go on a morning walk on the sandy beach. If you want, you can have a proposal area created on the beach. When the time comes, let her know that you wanted the day to start by asking her to be your lifetime partner.

5. Ask The Question At The Zoo, Aquarium

Plan to go to the Aquarium or Zoo. She won’t see the proposal coming, especially at the place you are visiting. Prior to the date, talk to the aquarium or zoo staff to see what they can do to make it memorable.

Outdoor Wedding Proposal Ideas

romantic ways to propose-outdoor ideas

1. Picnic

You can also propose while on a picnic! Carry your partner’s favorite food, special photos of you two, flowers, and wine or Champagne. The good thing with this is that you can do it during most seasons – fall, summer, and spring..

2. Beach Setup

Go to the shore and build a sandcastle together (at a safe distance from the ocean). When your partner isn’t looking, put the ring on the highest tower.

3. In the Snow

One of the most romantic settings is candles out on the snow and rose petals spread in an area. It’s a great proposal idea for winter, and your partner will probably love it.

4. Ask While at the Height of a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Talk about love being in the air! Find a private hot air balloon ride for the two of you to avoid being put together with a bunch of strangers. The benefit here is that you will enjoy the breathtaking scenery without having to hike!

5. Helicopter

You have a partner who loves flying? Well, you can make her day by proposing as you have a private ride on a helicopter. And if they’re afraid of helicopter rides or heights, you might want to cancel this from your list!
The creative ideas discussed above can inspire you to find your perfect proposal idea. Hopefully, you’ve had a light bulb moment after going through this list of unique and memorable proposal ideas. We’d love to know about the most romantic proposals you have heard of, witnessed, or even your own proposal story!

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