Rose Gold For The Engagement Win!

What Is Rose Gold?

All gold variations are a result of combining the natural yellow of 24K gold with other metals. In the case of Rose Gold, a perfect balance of yellow gold and copper are blended to give this metal it’s pink coloring.

Designed for Russian royalty in the 19th Century by  Peter Carl Faberge (yes, the creator of the famous Faberge Eggs) and given the moniker of “Russian Gold”, Rose Gold continues to make a strong impression as one of the most beautiful precious metals to this day.

How has Rose Gold stayed relevant in the 21st century?

After two centuries, Rose Gold remains a stylish staple thanks to its complimenting tint which brings out blush tones from nearly all skin colors, as well as its ability to bring a splash of color to neutral-colored outfits.

Because Rose Gold is often associated with style, elegance, and affluence, it has also become a popular choice outside of just jewelry. Rose Gold can now be found as an optional color for all sorts of electronics, luggage, and kitchen accessories.

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Take a note from the a-list!

Rose Gold engagement rings are timeless and adored by their wearers. You don’t have to look hard to find a happy couple sporting Rose Gold engagement rings on their fingers. Many A-list celebrities such as Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Alison Brie and Dave Franco, and Leighton Meester and Adam Brody all got engaged with a Rose Gold engagement ring.

Due to the beautiful pink allure and the recent celeb popularity, Rose Gold has become a go-to engagement ring setting for both the trendy and classically stylish.

Designer Pro Tip: Rose Gold adds a subtle hint of pink to diamonds, making a mounted center stone emit a pink hue, which is a very desirable and expensive look!

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How do you know if Rose Gold is right for her?

The pink tint of Rose Gold can require the breaking of the traditional white and yellow metal mindset, so if you are unsure, start building your special someone’s Rose Gold jewelry collection early on. Begin with a pair of simple hoop earrings to accessorize her everyday outfits or an elegant drop necklace to spice up a little black dress. Soon, she’ll be ready to add a Rose Gold engagement ring to her collection!

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