The shape of a diamond, or other precious and semi-precious gemstones, forms the focal point of your jewelry, and we believe the shape you select should represent your individual style, personality, and story.

The most popular shape is the round brilliant cut, followed by the princess cut (which is square), and the cushion cut (which is square with rounded edges). Other prominent shapes are the radiant cut, asscher cut, oval cut, emerald cut, pear cut, marquise cut, and heart-shaped cut. The illustrations below provide a side-by-side comparison of the most popular gemstone shapes to assist you in determining your preference.

At Alex & Company we showcase an extensive collection of diamonds and other precious and semi-precious gemstones in all shapes and sizes. Our experienced Master Jeweler and GIA Certified Gemologist take care to hand-select the highest quality and best-shaped stones, to provide you with a variety of options to suit your taste and your budget.

We will work with you on the selection process and find the best value for your budget, in the specific gemstone shape you enjoy most. Each piece of fine jewelry in our designer collection is fitted with the best-shaped stone to maximize the piece’s brilliance, and we will gladly advise you on the most complementary setting for your selected shape. Our jewelry artisans can also custom-design jewelry for you around your desired shape, and create a piece that is entirely your own.