Nick W.

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I am not one to “get in to” the hype of jewelry, in fact I dislike the idea of it entirely, but I appreciate its value to my fiance, which lead me to write this review. I recently bought my (now) fiance’s engagement ring from Alex and Company. On my journey to buy the ring I visited many small and large box jewelers, none of which made me feel as comfortable, confident and at ease as Alex did. From my first conversation to the last (just today) they have been nothing but professional and courteous, not to mention the ring is truly beautiful. I was amazed with Alex’s patience with me and willingness to educate me (all while selling to me…but hey, it is a business right?…never pushy though). My review was very close to being relatively negative based on an experience that we just had…..Only two months in to wearing the ring, I learned that one of the small diamonds fell out of the setting (lost), which I must say really irritated me. My experience and overall feeling towards the company could have gone one of two ways based on the way they handled this issue. I called and spoke to Alex today and explained the problem, with out even thinking he assured me that they would take care of it, and “not to worry”. We promptly brought it in only few hours later. They replaced (no charge) the small diamond, and set it while we waited…15 minutes. I think that if a jeweler can create such beautiful work and stand by their work, they can be trusted and must be considered when making your next purchase.

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