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Jewelry Appraisal


Your precious jewelry has both financial and sentimental value, and at Alex & Company we design jewelry of the highest quality that can be enjoyed by you, and future generations. To safeguard your investment and secure its longevity, we recommend that you insure your purchase with comprehensive jewelry insurance that covers damage, loss, and theft. To assist you in ensuring that your jewelry investment is correctly valued by your insurance company, we offer the following jewelry appraisal and insurance

services at our Newton location:

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  • Complimentary first appraisal with any Alex & Company jewelry purchase.
  • Jewelry appraisal updates by request, to ensure your coverage value remains accurate.
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  • Complimentary jewelry insurance quotes from Jewelers Mutual.

We know how important it is to be certain that your appraisal is accurate, which is why we take care to thoroughly review your jewelry and provide detailed appraisals for insurance purposes. Your first appraisal is always included free of charge with your Alex & Company jewelry purchase.

In addition, we will happily provide you with updated appraisals as the jewelry market fluctuates. We recommend appraising your jewelry every two to three years, and honest insurance companies would agree. By ensuring your appraisal is current and updating the value of your insurance coverage accordingly, you can be sure that your jewelry is insured at the correct replacement value.


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