Jewelry Restyling Process

Family heirlooms are special and sentimental. Jewelry restyling services give heirloom jewelry a new chance to shine.
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For many years our customer’s prized family heirloom was kept in a safety deposit box. The beauty of the sparkling single sapphire and the two heart-shaped diamonds were hidden from the world, and she yearned to give her grandmother’s ring a new chance to shine.We listened carefully as she explained the sentimental value of the vintage ring, and how she desired to transform the single ring into three pieces of fine jewelry—one piece for herself, and one piece for each of her two daughters to enjoy.

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As there were two diamonds and one sapphire, she decided that she would like the sapphire to be set in a ring for herself,and have the two side stones—whose gorgeous shape was indiscernible in their original setting—formed into two identical pendants as heirloom jewelry for her children. After discussing her vision and preferred style, we created detailed design options for her in the form of elaborate sketches.

We worked with her to adjust the minutest of details until she felt the design was perfect and she was ready for us to bring it to life. The handcrafting began and using state-of-the-art technology, artisan precision, and intricate tools, we created her dream heirloom jewelry.

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The brilliant blue sapphire formed the focal point on the new ring and to enhance its magnificence, a classic design of diamonds in a unique setting were placed surrounding it. This allows the sparkle of the diamonds to elevate the sapphire with their natural glow. Detailed, matching styling with four diamonds were also applied down the sides of the band, so that the platinum metal is invisible when the new ring is placed on her finger.

The two matching pendants showcase the original ring’s heart-shaped diamond side stones at their center. To emphasize their special shape and highlight their elegant simplicity is a clean, thin frame with a slight space surrounding each stone. Each heart is then encircled by a row of nearly invisible set diamonds which create the illusion of a floating effect. On the back of each pendant, an elegant design adds dimension, and completes the overall aesthetic.

A New Life For Cherished Heirlooms

The result was spectacular—we exceeded our customer’s expectations and we enjoyed every moment of the jewelry restyling process. It is only because of our attention to detail and absolute respect for original designs that we can offer this standard of jewelry restyling, and we would be honored for the opportunity to give new life to your family heirlooms.