Custom-Designed Diamond Bracelets

Make a statement with a custom-designed ring, wrap your wrist in a glamorous bracelet or a natural leather cuff, complete a dashing suit with distinctive cufflinks, dazzle and frame your face with exquisite earrings, and accentuate your neckline with a strand of beads, a contemporary choker, or a classic pendant.

Jewelry is wearable art; we believe it should complement your complexion, embrace your personality, and showcase your style. Our curated and versatile collections delight even the most discerning taste and cater to antique lovers and trendsetters alike.

Every piece of custom jewelry is handcrafted, polished and designed to please from start to finish. Our skilled Master Jewelers at Boston can create your dream jewelry piece using the finest materials and techniques to ensure that every finished piece exudes sophistication, elegance and class. Your design will be crafted by us in our Boston-based studio where only the highest quality of workmanship is demanded - from our in-house designers, who have more than 20 years of experience, including our Master Jeweler with 3 decades of experience crafting beautiful artful objects.

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