The Bespoke Experience

At Alex & Company the creative process begins where it should—with you. We listen to your ideas, get to know your personality, and learn your preferences so we may guide you throughout the process.

Bespoke jewelry creations have been the foundation of Alex & Company for 40 years. While “custom design” has become a mis-guided term as large stores now claim to deliver such personalization, in actual fact they are simply letting you choose from predefined, factory-assembled components. We provide a true custom experience.

Once your dream piece is sketched by our artisan jewelers and you are ready for us to bring it to life in the state-of-the-art studio at our Newton location, our Master Jeweler and GIA-accredited Gemologist begin work. Intricate design sketches are meticulously crafted into sterling silver models to highlight the individual subtleties of each design. A mold is then made and injected with wax to create an exact replica, which is then invested in a flask and baked in a kiln to melt out the wax, leaving a perfect impression of the model in a hollow cavity. This cavity is then filled with your desired precious metal to produce a rough cast, which is then refined, polished, and prepared for assembly. Each sparkling stone and precious metal is handled with care, soldered in place, and polished to perfection.

Because we tailor our work to your individuality and devote the time to connect with each customer, our customers become our lifelong friends. Your milestones, special occasions, and personal requests matter to us, and it is our greatest passion to bring these moments to life in the perfect piece of jewelry.

We go above and beyond to create cherished experiences and our customer reviews can confirm that. We are here to collaborate with you and turn your vision into reality. Visit us and experience the Alex & Company difference.

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