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Pearl Stringing Service


Classic strings of pearls are a quintessential part of any jewelry collection. Their dainty quality contributes to their beauty, but also requires them to be handled with care. Over years of wear, the delicate silk thread that holds your strand of pearls in place can stretch and become prone to breakage. You may notice the first signs of this as your pearls begin to slide ever so slightly along the thread and are no longer firmly positioned in place.


To ensure that your precious pearl remains perfectly positioned and secure so that they may be enjoyed for years to come, we provide the following professional restringing services:

Pearl Restringing2020-05-10T04:38:15+00:00
  • Complete replacement of the silk thread that holds your pearls in place, ensuring that the new silk thread matches the original aesthetic and is the correct thread size to properly support your pearls.
  • Gentle cleaning of each individual pearl.
  • Secure knotting between each pearl, to protect your pearls from knocking against one another when worn.
Pearl Clasp and Closure Replacements2020-05-10T04:38:45+00:00
  • Replacement or repair of clasps and closures to safely secure your strand of pearls.
  • Select from several clasp and closure options.
Pearl Matching2020-05-10T04:39:17+00:00
  • Sourcing close matches of new pearls to your original pearls, to replace lost pearls, extend your existing strand of pearls, or create new, matching strands of pearls.
Glass Bead and Gemstone Restringing2020-05-10T04:39:48+00:00
  • Complete replacement of the special thread or metal wire that holds your glass beads or gemstone beads in place, ensuring that the new material matches the original aesthetic and is the correct size to properly support your beads.

With our precise restringing services, you can wear your strands of jewels with confidence, knowing that they are securely in place.


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