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Jewelry Repair and Restoration

As with anything cherished that becomes a part of your everyday life, jewelry requires occasional restoration and maintenance. At Alex & Company we invest the same care and attention to detail in repairing and restoring fine jewelry as we do to conceptualizing and creating new design.

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One example of the level of artistry we are able to provide is a size adjustment we completed for an intricately detailed Cartier rings. Our customer turned to us for assistance after Cartier informed her that the size adjustment could take up to a year and could cost her up to 70% of the original cost of the rings. Our Master Jeweler was able to provide the same quality of work for a fraction of the cost, in approximately 3 weeks.

The process began by editing sections of platinum to match the profile on the diamond bands and then, with the utmost precision, we removed the material underneath the stones to match the original prongs. Two perfectly matched stones were then added to increase the size of each diamond guard. A new section was made of 18k white gold to match the main ring; it included a section with a Brilliant cut and Princess cut  bezel set diamonds and two small diamond accents on the other side of the Princess cut.

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The before and after images illustrate the intricacy of the work and the flawless finish we achieved. Only an artisan jeweler with our level of experience, attention to detail, and respect for original designs can achieve such perfection.

To bring new life to original pieces and ensure that your fine jewelry is in mint condition, we provide expert jewelry repair services that you can trust, including:

Complimentary Jewelry Cleaning2020-05-07T05:04:14+00:00
  • In-store ultrasonic and steam machine cleaning to return your fine gems to its original sparkle.
Complimentary Jewelry Repair Estimates2020-05-07T05:04:56+00:00
  • Thorough evaluation of the condition of your jewelry in-store.
  • Professional suggestions for any necessary repairs, along with a detailed quote.
Ring Sizing2020-05-07T05:07:04+00:00

Ring sizing adjustments for all metal types: platinum, 18 karat and 14 karat gold, yellow, white, and rose gold, silver, and palladium.

Custom Sizing2020-05-07T05:06:17+00:00
  • Custom sizing solutions to achieve the proper ring fit and prevent your rings from spinning.
Stone Setting2020-05-07T05:08:13+00:00
  • Precise settings for diamonds and other precious and semi-precious gemstones.
  • Select from a variety of setting styles and receive our guidance on the most beautiful and secure setting for your stones.
Missing Stone Replacement2020-05-07T05:08:37+00:00
  • Reset a stone that has fallen out, or replace a missing stone.
Prong Replacement and Retipping2020-05-07T05:09:19+00:00
  • Secure your stones with precise prong replacements and retipping.
Jewelry Polishing2020-05-07T05:09:40+00:00
  • Gentle polishing of your fine jewelry to restore it to its original magnificence.
Rhodium Plating2020-05-07T05:10:04+00:00
  • Coating and recoating of white gold jewelry to provide a bright, shiny, and tarnish-resistant surface.
Chain, Necklace, and Bracelet Repair2020-05-07T05:10:54+00:00
  • Broken chain, necklace, and bracelet repair to restore your jewelry to its original beauty.
Chain, Necklace, and Bracelet Shortening and Lengthening2020-05-07T05:11:30+00:00
  • Length adjustments to achieve your desired fit.
Clasp and Closure Replacement2020-05-07T05:12:07+00:00
  • Clasp and closure replacements to safely secure your jewelry.
  • Select from several clasp and closure options.
Earring Repair2020-05-07T05:14:02+00:00
  • Mending of broken earrings or earrings with lost gemstones or missing parts.
Earring Backs and Post Conversions2020-05-07T05:14:27+00:00
  • Earring back repair or replacement to provide the most secure and comfortable fit.
  • Select from a variety of earring backs and posts.
Stone Recutting and Polishing2020-05-07T05:14:55+00:00
  • Precision recutting and polishing of your diamonds, and precious and semi-precious gemstones, to regain their natural brilliance.
Laser Engraving2020-05-07T05:15:14+00:00
  • Personalize your jewelry with laser engraving words or designs of your choice.
Full and Partial Jewelry Restoration2020-05-07T05:15:36+00:00
  • Assistance with both small jewelry repairs and major jewelry restorations.
  • Guidance on the repairs necessary to restore your jewelry to its original condition.

All repair and restoration work is performed in-house in our state-of-the-art jewelry repair studio, which features the latest tools, technology, and equipment to enable us to provide exceptional service in a timely fashion. We truly believe that nothing is completely beyond repair and are dedicated to restoring your prized jewelry, original pieces, and family heirlooms back to their innate beauty.

Our Master Jeweler has the experience and expertise necessary to provide you with the highest quality repair and restoration services available. We will happily take the time to guide you, discuss your options and your vision with you, and provide you with an honest assessment of what is required to repair and restore your jewelry, along with the costs and time frame involved.

View jewelry restoration gallery and schedule your restoration consultation to learn more.


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