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Watch Repair Services


Timepieces are an integral part of everyday life and require the utmost care, and attention to detail. To assist you in keeping your watch in perfect running condition, we work closely with a highly qualified, experienced, and meticulous local watchmaker who is certified by the Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program (WOSTEP) and by the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (CW21), and specializes in all major Swiss and American watch brands.


Our watch repair services include:

Free Watch Repair Estimates2020-05-10T05:02:40+00:00
  • Thorough evaluation of your watch to assess the damage and determine the extent of repairs necessary to restore your watch to working condition.
  • Professional repair suggestions, along with a detailed quote and repair timeline.
Watch Battery Replacement (1-Year Warranty)2020-05-10T05:03:36+00:00
  • In-store battery checks and replacements while you wait.
Watch Overhauling (1-Year Warranty)2020-05-10T05:04:08+00:00
  • Replacement of broken crystal and missing parts.
  • Timing adjustment and water damage repair.
Pressure Sealing/Waterproofing2020-05-10T05:04:39+00:00
  • Waterproof pressure sealing to protect your watch from water damage.
Magnetism Testing2020-05-10T05:05:08+00:00
  • Specialty testing for magnetization and mechanical watch de-magnetism.
Watch Sizing and Adjustments2020-05-10T05:05:37+00:00
  • In-store sizing and adjustments for most watch bracelets and clasps.
Watch Band/Strap Replacements2020-05-10T05:06:20+00:00
  • We stock an assortment of leather, lizard, and crocodile watch bands and straps, and will happily replace your watch band for you while you wait.
Watch Bracelet Cleaning2020-05-10T05:06:46+00:00
  • In-store ultrasonic watch bracelet cleaning to return your bracelet to its original shine.

Watches are intricate mechanical instruments that require functional movements, precise adjustments, and occasional structural repairs in order to operate correctly. Whether your timepiece is simply in need of a battery replacement or routine maintenance, or whether it has damaged or missing parts that require more in-depth servicing, our reliable watchmaker will ensure your timepiece is functioning optimally in no time at all.

Explore our exquisite Pre-Owned Rolex Watches in-store and schedule your watch repair consultation to learn more.


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