Buying an Engagement Ring Online Vs Store – Which Is Better?

In their lifetimes, most people only make a couple of high-cost purchases. Some of these big-ticket items include a car, a home, and a college education. If you are looking to propose, an engagement ring will take a significant amount from your savings. To ensure you get value for your cash, you must learn more about how to pick an engagement ring. Keep in mind that a face to face consultation is vital when making purchases, especially a precious one like an engagement ring. This piece talks about buying an engagement ring online vs. store.

Should I Buy An Engagement Ring Online?

You must be thinking, we’re in the twenty-first century and can buy anything online! Should I buy an engagement ring online? I bet this question has been lingering on your mind. For engagement rings, it is best to buy them at a physical store. You can and should, however, find out more information online before going into the store. It’s a fact that the internet has revolutionized the way we buy and sell. If you want to buy an engagement ring, for instance, you can go online and find out more about center stones and ring settings. Two decades ago, a partner would enter a store knowing little about engagement rings but nowadays, they usually go in armed with information acquired online.

When they enter a physical store, a significant number of couples already understand the 4Cs and know the specific ring they want to purchase. Ring terminologies like cushion cut, channel set, and a halo are familiar to them. Social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest also help many women make their choice. Many retailers report seeing an increasing number of couples, instead of just the one proposing, coming to their stores.

How To Pick An Engagement Ring?


The reason why you are better off shopping at an actual store is that you can see the kind of rings available and try them on to get a feel for how the style and size fit on her finger. A professional will be there to guide you, provide additional education, and make sure you learn how to pick an engagement ring. You also have the advantage of creating a custom engagement ring design that reflects your significant other’s taste and suits their style. You will be unable to do any of this if you’re looking at online engagement rings. Next time you find yourself thinking, ‘should I buy an engagement ring online?’ remember this: Shopping at a brick-and-mortar store is vital as your significant other will be putting on the ring for decades to come. You’ll want to purchase something that they will love and will retain its high quality for a long time.

Typically, the most expensive and complicated part of the ring is the center stone, and this is where an engagement ring expert is needed. Two stones that have been assigned a similar “grade” may differ in price by thousands of dollars but appear completely the same. Regardless of the standardized, regimented grading system that has been in existence for years, diamond grading reports are shockingly subjective. Additionally, there may be a difference in price between two diamonds that look alike online (see below).

Understand The Difference

A reliable online dealer provided these diamond certifications. The size, clarity, color, and cut appear to be the same to the naked eye. However, there’s a 15% price difference of $1,300. How would you see the difference without physically seeing the stones?

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Online Engagement Rings

Many people checking out online engagement rings won’t notice the difference and make a mistake with such a high ticket item. And another surprising fact is that most sellers have never seen the stones in person as they’re just advertising jewelry pieces in their wholesalers’ stock. Offline retailers usually own the best diamonds in a specific grade, and they treat them as investments.

On the other hand, online retailers have no ownership of their diamond inventory. In fact, you will find certain diamonds placed on multiple competitors’ sites, as several online retailers can have one diamond supplier. Because offline retailers are dedicated to investing in their own inventories, suppliers normally sell them the best diamonds of a particular grade.

Another problem with shopping online is that many people can’t conduct a jewelry appraisal to determine if the diamonds they are looking at are of good value. A diamond’s intrinsic value is determined mainly by its internal features, which we cannot see with our naked eyes. Most diamonds look great on their own, but you should carefully take a look at several stones and compare one with the other side by side, which you can only do at a physical store. And the reason for this is that there have been reports of brides making their choice based on their online research but changing their minds when they get to see the diamonds in person.

You can find a reliable jeweler by looking for someone that’s not only interested in making a sale but in helping you learn about the jewelry so you can make an informed decision. A reputable retailer needs to educate you on the differences between their 4Cs and use their engagement ring calculator to show you the various stones in your price range. With a good jeweler as your guide, you will quickly pick the ideal diamond, one that will project its magnificence in your preferred setting. So, on the question of buying a diamond online or in-store, we recommend the latter.

Alex & Company custom design boutique is a brick-and-mortar store that can help you find that diamond you have been searching for. Before you work with a potential retail jeweler, vet them to ensure you have the right partner. Alex & Co. is a multi-generation institution dedicated to providing their expertise so buyers can make the right decisions. They love their jobs, whether it’s holding your hand as you come up with custom designed services or guiding you to the right diamond ring if you’re buying on the spot.

When you purchase a ring from Alex and Company jewelers, you have started a relationship that will go on for many years. Note that you need to maintain your ring, so it retains its qualities. Alex & Co provide upkeep, which includes cleaning, resizing, and tightening the loose prongs. They also provide a replacement value appraisal and free engagement ring insurance quotes if they sell you a ring.

Our website contains hundreds of exclusive engagement ring designs, which can be seen in their showroom in Newton, MA. To set up an engagement ring consultation, click here. We wish you all the best during this momentous occasion in your life!

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